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Mikro’s Serverless Saga: From Microservices to Madness and back

This is part2 of a humor inspired take on Monoliths to microservices that I wrote a few years back If you did not read that, please do so first.

Mikro was serving his consumers as always. He consistently met his promises (SLAs), and his life was good. Suddenly, he felt a stab and excruciating pain. “Damnit, what was that?” he said. To Mikro’s amazement, he found himself being sliced and diced into smaller and smaller pieces. “But I thought I was already micro enough!” he wailed as functions were extracted from his very being.

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Optimizing Software Engineering with the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Designing and building robust, scalable, and efficient systems is a fundamental requirement in software engineering. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is an essential resource that can significantly aid this process. Although it originates from Amazon Web Services, the principles and best practices it outlines are universally applicable. This blog aims to provide an understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, its core focus areas, and its value to software engineering practices, regardless of whether you use AWS services.

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Digital Transformation

You probably have heard leadership talk about Digital Transformation in meetings, town halls and blogs. Industry pundits seem to talk/write about it; often using it to rank which companies are competing at the topmost level in their industry. Often though there isĀ  confusion among the rank and file employees about this whole “Digital” thing. Is it the latest buzzword that executives are in love with (probably true to some extent)? Is there anything behind it or just a lot of hot air? Who are all those high priced management consultants that show up to tell us about Digital Transformation, without explaining what it is?

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